What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a conservative treatment aimed at restoring movement and function in those with injury, disability, or pain. Our musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapists are specialists in managing and rehabilitating people with a wide range of disorders, including back pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, nerve injuries, sports injuries, and mobility problems.


What is the difference between a Physiotherapist and an Osteopath or Chiropractor?

Osteopaths and chiropractors primarily focus on treating musculoskeletal disorders in isolation. In contrast, physiotherapists training incorporates treatment and management of patients with a diverse range of conditions, including MSK disorders, neurological and respiratory conditions. Having this breadth of knowledge allows a physiotherapist to take a more holistic approach to their assessment and treatment of patients. This ensures that our patients receive the best quality, patient-centered care possible.

What will my appointment involve?

The initial appointment will involve a discussion about your presenting problem and what your goals are. An assessment will then be carried out by your physiotherapist to ascertain the cause of your issue and to develop a bespoke treatment plan. Follow-up appointments may then be offered to help guide you through your rehabilitation journey.

What do we offer?

The physiotherapy services currently provided at the Medic Clinic includes.

  • Exercise prescription
  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Taping
  • Education/advice

Why choose us?

At the Medic Clinic, our physiotherapists pride themselves on their professional and empathetic approach. Both Ryan and James have several years’ experience working with patients with MSK disorders and have a passion for providing quality, patient-centered care.

Our physiotherapists also work closely with the GP team, so can flag up any medical concerns quickly and refer you for further investigations if appropriate. If your problem is not improving, they can also link up with our MSK sonographer, who is able to perform ultrasound scans, and can also discuss your case with our affiliated Orthopedic consultant at The Medic Clinic.

Meet our Physiotherapists

Physiotherapist in Bedford

Ryan Butler

Ryan has been working at the Medic Clinic for the past 2 years. He is a passionate and enthusiastic member of The Medic Clinic team. With his many years of experience, Ryan is currently working as an independent physiotherapist, as well as a practitioner in the minor injury unit at Bedford Hospital. Ryan has a developed special interest in managing back pain and rehabilitation post injuries/surgery. Ryan is currently undergoing training to be a Physiotherapist Consultant at The University of Northampton. 

Ryan is passionate about his profession and delivering healthcare, helping people achieve their goals and have a better quality of life. Working together with the doctors at The Medic Clinic, we can use a holistic approach to our patients’ wellbeing.


James Underwood

James has recently joined the Medic Clinic as part of the physiotherapy team. He specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, having worked in outpatient MSK clinics and with amateur sports teams. He also currently works as a triage physiotherapist for a GP surgery in Milton Keynes and has experience of referring patients for further investigations when indicated. James is currently in the process of completing his steroid injection therapy course, which he will be able to offer later this year. He is also trained in acupuncture and can offer this alongside a comprehensive treatment program.

James is a strong advocate of patient centered care and strives to provide the best quality care to help people improve their function and achieve their goals. Working together with the doctors at The Medic Clinic, we can use a holistic approach to our patients’ wellbeing.