Blood Test & Scans

About Blood Test & Scans

At The Medic Clinic we provide one of the most comprehensive blood test services. The results of your blood tests are rapidly processed and results can be emailed to you or discussed over the phone. Common blood tests analyse thyroid, iron, hormone, full blood count, testosterone, fertility, allergy tumour markers and many others.

As part of our service you can discuss with our doctors the concern you have so that they may guide you to the correct blood test.

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Health Screening

THE MEDIC CLINIC is offering various health screening to cater your medical concerns

All the screenings are organised by Doctors after initial consultations

All are in house

Walk in appointments

Comprehensive assessment and tre

Includes -Consultations, Focused examinations, Blood tests,ECG,Scans &Risk assessments with health advise/Treatments

CORE HEALTH CHECK -Any age group

Well women/men Health Check - Age over 40

Enhanced Health Check

Cardiac Health Check

TATT- Tiered all the time screening

Menopause Screening

Erectile dysfunction screening

Prostate Screening

Memory Clinic Screening -Age over 65

Anaemia Screening

Thyroid Screening

Vitamins Deficiency Screening

Allergy Screening

Diabetes Screening

Hypertension Screening

STD -Sexually transmitted diseases screening

Women's Health

Our Doctors are trained in Gynecology & Obstetrics departments to be able to assess, investigate & diagnose various women's health concerns

Irregular period

PCOS- Polycystic ovaries

Menorrhagia & Dysmenorrhea- Painful/Heavy periods

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Rash or irritation

Fertility assessment with Blood tests & scans (Sperm analysis for Partners)

Menopause concerns & HRT assessment

Contraception advise & family planning

STD screening

TATT- Tiered all the time assessment with blood tests & examination


Men's Health

You are able to see a Doctor at THEMEDIC CLINIC for Men's health concerns by walk in or via booked appointments

Statistics show that men often do not seek medical attention to their health concerns in time either due to work/family commitments or anxiety/scared of finding out what may be the underlying cause, hence why they prefer to stay away from seeing a Doctor

At The Medic Clinic ,We have Doctors who are able to speak multiple languages to understand your problem and concerns that you may have

Weight loss concerns

Diabetes Screening

Blood pressure screening

TATT- Tiered all the time(Vitamin IV infusions)

Fertility assessment

STD Screening - Same day service

Erectile dysfunction & Impotency

Testicle lumps or Swelling or pain

Prostate health - Examination & assessment -Scans when required