General practitioner/ Minor ops lead

MB BS, MRCGP, GPwSI, DRCOG, BSc Qualified London 1992


Dr Julian Lane has been a local GP for 20 years. He is highly experienced in all areas of General Practice and has a special interest in dermatology. Dr Lane enjoys the interaction with patients and appreciates the need to evaluate the whole picture, not just the presenting condition.

Dr Lane has also been working at Bedford hospital alongside the Dermatology department for many years. He is well experienced in removing skin lesions of various types which include suspicious lesions which may be cancerous.

We are proud to work with Dr Lane at The Medic Clinic to help those patients who need his specialist advice & reassurance in his Dermoscopy clinic. He can offer minor operations to remove skin lesions for aesthetic purposes or if concerns regarding cancer, in which case he can send the lesion sample to the histology lab to confirm or rule out any suspicion.