Medical Consultations


In a time like this, more than ever you and your family need to be able to access a trusted doctor who will diagnose any symptom and give you the right advice. At The Medic Clinic we believe that patients need reliable access to new, ongoing and emergency medical assessment 7days a week.

Our consultations are fast, effective and reassuring, and you can expect the same high quality from each of our doctors and clinical team. To make it seamless for you we have made arrangements with reliable pharmacies in the local area who are open 7 days a week for our prescriptions to be able to be collected.



At The Medic Clinic we understand the need for specialist consultations and therefore, we have gathered a team of specialists that can be seen via appointments. We cover a wide range of specialties including


Respiratory / Chest

Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Sports medicine

General surgeon

Paediatric Services/Minor Illness

Our Doctors have many years of Paediatric Experience by working in Paediatric units, A&E & Urgent Treatment Centres-UTC -NHS They continue to work under the NHS providing care to children with acute and chronic problems.

But We understand waiting time in NHS Emergency departments can be very long specially with recent world pandemic crisis and yearly winter crisis.

Our Doctors are able to see your children on the same day with appointments tailored to your concerns ( 15-30min) by also WALK-IN service.

Comprehensive face to face assessment without rush

Spot diagnosis -Such as Rashes & Viral illness

Urine analysis & treatments accordingly

In House Blood tests when required

Ultrasound Scans when needed -Such as recurrent urine infections


ENT Micro Suction

We offer Micro suction service to help with those patients who has painful earwax impaction or stuck foreign body which needs removal under the microscope with state of the art micro suction equipment like in the hospitals.

This service is provided by Doctors who are trained in ENT and has many years of experience in this field. They won't just remove wax ,they will also be able to show your ear canal and ear drum on the video and diagnose underlying infection or inflammation and treat them straight away with right choices of prescription medications such as ear drops & antibiotics.

Epistaxis / Nose bleeding : We believe that it is very worrying and distressing to patients when you have a nose bleed. Although it is very common, But it causes great deal of anxiety which makes the bleeding worse. Our doctors are happy to assess nose bleed and treat them accordingly with nose packing and cauterization procedure with further follow ups without waiting in for very long time.