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The Medic Clinic is a convenient private GP practice that provides you all the services you could need from a GP clinic. This includes health screens, blood tests, prescriptions, certificates and referrals. Our patient-focused service comprises of experienced doctors providing appointments 7 days a week.

Our experienced GPs apart from offering consultations are also able to guide you for any investigations needed and also carry out medicals for work purposes.

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All our Doctors are locally trained

with great connections within the local 

healthcare / hospital. 

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Our GP appointments happen between the hours of

15:00 to 17:00, 7 days a week.

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£50 for one ear/ £80 for two ears






Note: As part of our policy we do not prescribe any schedule 2, 3, 4 or 5 drug which includes codeine, tramadol and zopiclone.

People are talking about us

All three of us used the medic clinical for covid-19 tests and it was very quick and the staff were lovely and kind. I would definitely recommend this place. - Zac Armiger

I must say it was an amazing experience. For many years I have always felt so tired and restless. After going back and forth with my previous GP and I found the Medic Clinic in Bedford. I had a full medical assessment and blood test. Results were so fast and the service was outstanding. I felt comfortable and the doctors were very professional and compassionate. I would definitely recommend to use this clinic and I for sure will be returning. Thank you so much. - NIsha Agnihotri

I would highly recommend Medic Clinic for their quick and efficient service. Hiegenic and clean office. Very friendly and helpful staff. We needed covid test urgently for travel purpose and managed to get an appointment quickly. The results were shared within 48 hrs. - Vandana Kumari

Great Service and deliver ok what they say! I used The Medic Clinic for myself and wife. In the current difficult times when everybody is concerned about missing flights, getting results on time etc. Strongly recommended. - Kash Kamal