Personalised health service

We are private medical clinic based in the heart of Bedford, offering various services from GP and consultant appointments to physiotherapy and ultrasound services. Our mission is to promote excellence in healthcare.

01234 880 079

Personalised health service

We are private medical clinic based in the heart of Bedford, offering various services from GP and consultant appointments to physiotherapy and ultrasound services. Our mission is to promote excellence in healthcare.

01234 880 079

01234 880 079

For GP, Bloods tests, Specialist services, Vitamin infusion, Aesthetics and General Enquiries.

01234 984 065

For All Covid-19 related queries.

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Covid 19 Tests

We offer fit to fly, day 2 & 8  as well as test to release RT-PCR tests.



We have state of the art ultrasound machine to cater for our patients’ individual needs.


Blood Tests

We provide one of the most comprehensive blood test services.


Other Services

We offer many other treatments to suit your needs.

Covid 19 Testing

The Medic Clinic has been approved for Day 2 + 8 Covid-19 testing which is mandatory for all travellers to the UK as well as Day 5 Test to Release Scheme which is optional.

People are talking about us

All three of us used the medic clinical for covid-19 tests and it was very quick and the staff were lovely and kind. I would definitely recommend this place. - Zac Armiger

I must say it was an amazing experience. For many years I have always felt so tired and restless. After going back and forth with my previous GP and I found the Medic Clinic in Bedford. I had a full medical assessment and blood test. Results were so fast and the service was outstanding. I felt comfortable and the doctors were very professional and compassionate. I would definitely recommend to use this clinic and I for sure will be returning. Thank you so much. - NIsha Agnihotri

I would highly recommend Medic Clinic for their quick and efficient service. Hiegenic and clean office. Very friendly and helpful staff. We needed covid test urgently for travel purpose and managed to get an appointment quickly. The results were shared within 48 hrs. - Vandana Kumari

Great Service and deliver ok what they say! I used The Medic Clinic for myself and wife. In the current difficult times when everybody is concerned about missing flights, getting results on time etc. Strongly recommended. - Kash Kamal

Our Services

Blood Tests

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We provide a comprehensive blood test service. The results of your blood tests are rapidly processed, and results can be emailed to you or discussed over the phone. 


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Our physiotherapy services cater for all types of problems. This ranges from injuries, joint pains and even post-surgery recovery. We can also help you focus on rehabilitation physiotherapy to get you back to your best.

Vitamin Infusion

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We offer a variety of vitamin infusions that are given as a drip instead of the traditional way of tablets. It is the fastest way to deliver nutrients throughout the body because it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the organs.

Covid-19 Testing

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Approved by the Government, We have worked tirelessly to develop a safe and efficient way for our patients to be tested. Whatever the purpose for your test, our friendly team will be able to guide and advise you on what type of test is needed and when the test should be taken.

Ultrasound Service

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We offer a professional and affordable private Ultrasound Scan Service, allowing you to self-refer without the need for any referral from your GP. The ultrasound service is lead by our sonographers and we have doctors at hand to interpret the scan if there is any concern.

GP Consultation

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Our experienced GPs apart from offering consultations are also able to guide you for any investigations needed and also carry out medicals for work purposes.

Skin Lesion

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We offer a skin lesion removal clinic where we surgically remove lesions on the skin such as a mole, wart, skin tag or other skin growth. Under the careful eye of our doctors we also keep in mind that some lesions can be cancerous. If there is such a suspicion, then we would send to the lab to confirm any suspicion.

Women's Health

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At The Medic Clinic we understand that sometimes your health concerns can be particularly sensitive or difficult to talk about. That is why we aim to deliver a personalised service that keeps your needs at the very centre of our care.

Dermal Fillers & Anti-Wrinkle

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We have an extensive range of treatments that help to prevent premature ageing. Skin can become run-down because of a number of reasons including deterioration with age, skin type, sun damage and lifestyle.

Other Services

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We are private medical clinic based in the heart of Bedford, offering various bespoke services if you are looking for a service that is not listed here, please contact us. 

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Our Professional Clinicians
Dr Asif Khan from Medic Clinic in Bedford

01234 984 065


Dr Asif Khan

General Practitioner

Dr Gaj Swamy from Medic Clinic in Bedford

01234 984065


Dr Gaj Swamy

General Practitioner

Neid Nurse at Medic Clinic in Bedford

01234 984 065

NMC Registered Nurse

Miss Neide Cardoso


Mr Simon Chapman - Paramedic at Bedford Clinic

01234 984 065

HCPC paramedic / Aesthetic

Mr Simon Chapman

HCPC Paramedic

Woman's Health in bedford

01234 984065


Miss Katimada Annaiah

Clinical lead for the Women’s health

Physiotherapist in Bedford

01234 984 065


Mr Ryan Butler



01234 984 065


Dr Julian Lane

General Practitioner

Healthcare Assistant specialising in Phlebotomy Bedford

01234 984 065

Phlebotomy Specialist

Callum Kaczorowski

Healthcare Assistant



Why Choose Us
CQC registered clinic

We are a registered clinic with the Care Quality Commission.

Friendly team

We work with some of the most experienced consultants and healthcare specialists from across the United Kingdom

Great range of services

We have numerous services available from Doctor led consultations to physiotherapy and vitamin infusions.

Accessible appointments

We offer appointments daily for all our services.

Affordable pricing

Highest quality services and treatments at affordable prices.

Great location

We are based on the High Street in Bedford Central. Our location is easily accessible and convenient for our clients.