Frozen shoulder

What is it?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects the capsule of your shoulder joint, causing pain, loss of movement and stiffness. We don’t always know why this condition occurs, but it is more prevalent in those with other metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and thyroid issues. Recent surgery or trauma to the shoulder can also cause this issue to develop.

What are the symptoms?

The main symptoms of a frozen shoulder are pain and stiffness. There are usually 2 stages to this condition.

  1. Freezing phase – you will see a gradual loss of mobility in your shoulder, and it will likely be very painful, particularly overnight.
  2. Thawing phase – your shoulder becomes very stiff and restricted, but generally will be less painful.

A frozen shoulder can take up to 2-3 years to recover from, although in some cases it doesn’t always resolve completely.

What is the treatment?

In the early stages, a frozen shoulder is managed with pain relief and exercises, to try and maintain mobility as best possible. If appropriate, a steroid injection can be very beneficial at this stage, as it can help to alleviate pain, allowing you to sleep better and move easier.

Physiotherapy can then help you to regain the mobility in your shoulder and to help you get back to what you love doing. Our physiotherapists have several years’ experience in treating and managing this condition and will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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