Dr Jonathan Timperley

Consultant Cardiologist / MB ChB MD FRCP FRAeS


Dr Jonathan Timperley


Dr Jonathan Timperley is a consultant cardiologist, UK CAA Authorised Medical Examiner (No. 10423), Malta EASA Authorised Medical Examiner (No. 25) pilot and served in the Royal Air Force for 20 years. He retired from the service as the Lead Cardiologist and Clinical Lead for the RAF ECG Management System.

Dr Timperley has worked in several areas of the Cardiology field

A Consultant Cardiologist in a busy district General Hospital:

Dr Timperley can provide a full range of acute services, including sessions in bradycardia pacing, transthoracic echocardiography and transesophageal echocardiography. He has led the development of a contrast, 3D and stress echocardiography service and also a local ICD and CRT service with device implantation and follow-up. 

A Clinical Director for Urgent Care:

This post included responsibility for the Accident and Emergency Department, Admissions Units and Ambulatory Care Centre. He provided leadership for the Directorate and was responsible for the finances, staffing, governance and performance of the covered departments.

A Consultant Physician in a Military setting: 

Dr Timperley has been deployed to military hospitals, including those in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was covering a 28 bedded unit, while being involved in and leading major incidents with up to 13 major trauma patients being admitted simultaneously. Dr Timperley’s also had a second duty as clinical coordinator for the hospital's major incident plan which was exercised during his tour. 

Cardiac Procedures:

As well as procedures for his general cardiology training, Dr Timperley has developed specialist interests in device implantation including transvenous ICDs, subcutaneous ICDs and is part of the first non-surgical unit to implant leadless pacemakers.

Aviation Medicine: 

Since becoming an Authorised Medical Examiner and completing his Certificate of Aviation Medicine in 1996, Dr Timperley has served as a Junior Medical Officer at RAF Marham providing primary care and also aviation medicine and occupational medicine expertise. Alongside this, he has been involved in the assessment of aircrew, covering issues in all of the main medical specialties (renal, cardiology, gastroenterology, respiratory).

From working as an RAF Cardiologist, Dr Timperley has offered specialist advice and been Clinical Lead on the RAF ECG Management System and reported on approximately 1100 ECGs per year. He became a class 1 examiner in 2014, became a member of the West Midlands AME Forum and provided a specialist aviation cardiology service to other AMEs and saw approximately 250 pilots per year for a specialist opinion.

Dr Timperley is an Authorised Medical Examiner for the UK Civil Aviation Authority and for the Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate. He provides a specialist ECG reporting service to British Airways, Qatar Airlines and Heathrow Medical Services. 

Dr Timperley is also member of the following National Groups: 

  • British Cardiovascular Society 
  • British Society of Echocardiography 
  • British Heart Rhythm Society
  • Fellow of the Aeronautical Society
  • Committee of the Association of Aeromedical Examiners 
  • Scientific Committee


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