Blood testing service in Bedford

You shouldn't wait 6 weeks or more, to get your blood tests done.

We are a private GP surgery established in 2019 and situated in the heart of Bedford town. Our clinical team is comprised of local GP’S, specialist consultants, nurses, paramedics, and HCA’s. Throughout their careers, our clinicians have developed a real insight into the increasing pressures placed on the NHS, specifically Bedford Hospital, which only intensified throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We provide various services to relieve such pressures; support and advise patients and cater treatment to their individual needs. A prime example of this would be our blood testing service.

We provide blood tests 7-days a week, with same-day availability just a phone call away. Our turnaround times are very speedy, with most results coming through within 1-2 days. This ultimately separates us from the public sector, where you must wait a long time for the tests and even longer for the results, delaying both a potential diagnosis and treatment plan and subsequently increasing the risk to the patient. In support of this, the proportion of patients waiting six weeks or more increased by 4.4% since April 2021. Fortunately, at the Medic Clinic, we offer an extensive selection of blood tests for varying purposes, ranging from health and STD screenings to hormone profiles and allergy testing.

Blood tests are an excellent diagnostics tool for our doctors, who will email a copy of the report to yourself alongside a telephone consultation to either reassure or discuss the appropriate next steps (this consultation would be included in the original price paid, so no hidden extra charges!). For example, you may be referred externally or to one of our in-clinic services, such as gynaecology. In addition to this, you could be issued a prescription or advised on further testing. Regardless of what course of action is chosen, our doctors will be on-hand to guide you throughout.

If you are unsure or hesitant regarding the specific tests you require, we are happy to arrange a free telephone call with one of our doctors to evaluate your concerns. This free consultation service guarantees both maximum patient benefit and value for money. Although private, we do make certain that The Medic Clinic co-exists alongside the NHS to allow greater, less challenging access to healthcare. To demonstrate this, we have people contact us with a formal blood request from their GP, intending on accelerating the process. As standard, we would break down this request, scan through our expansive lab guide and pick the most cost-effective option that covers everything.

We value the necessity of regular health screenings and provide several profiles, covering everything from liver and renal function to glucose and iron levels. These screenings are extremely important as they can detect a problem early before any symptoms even develop, enabling more effective treatment. Finding out you have a health problem, or an increased chance of a health problem can aid you in making more informed decisions about your health.

‘The NHS recommends those between 40-74 should have a health check every five years… based on the age at which heart and kidney disease, diabetes and stroke tend to develop.’ (Doctors Clinic Group, 2020)

It is estimated that:

  • 1 in 27 are diagnosed with high blood pressure.
  • 1 in 110 are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
  • 1 in 265 are diagnosed with kidney disease.

These statistics further illustrate the fundamental requirement for regular health screenings. If you have any queries, please contact us via telephone - 01234 984065 or email -